About the Artist

Shiny, Sparkle, Sustenance

My dad used to tease me that once I could pick something up, if it sparkled I tried to wear it. However during my growing up years it never occurred to me that I could actually create something to wear. Then came serious attention to an education and a career. So I came to launch Glimmerdream via a particularly twisty road.

Having worked in the high tech world in sales and marketing, there came a time when I realized my soul was shriveling for lack of sustenance. So after careful thought and discussion with my husband, I took the leap of severing my connection with a monthly paycheck. Pretty scary.

Imagining my ‘next life’ all I knew was that it would involve art. A collector since college, it was what I loved doing - finding unique items of beauty created by someone’s heart and hands. A short time later, I signed up for a 2-hour beading class as I wanted to learn how to incorporate beaded embellishments on the matching beret/scarf combos I was knitting (and thinking about selling).

The 2-hour class involved making a bracelet and necklace – things I thought I’d probably throw away when I got home. I made the stretchy bracelet. Then I began the necklace. Two hours later - when everyone had made their pieces and left – I was still rearranging beads on a bead board. Taking the parts home, I played with them off and on for two weeks. And the instant I held up the completed piece – in that moment I what my next life would be.

And I still don’t now how to add embellishments to yarn.