dichroic glass pendant in celery greens on necklace of green garnet, peridot, pearls, serpentine and hessonite.


Green, richly verdant, lush pagan ode to the 'bright sacred fires' of Beltane, halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. What better companion to gold, the color of ripe harvest, sun-warmed sensuality; the color of summer and lazy front-porch marmalade mornings.

A dichroic glass pendant -- flecked with shimmering swirls of spring greens, rich golds and a hint of dawn pink -- can be worn with the triangle point up or down. On a strand of mixed greens: peridot, green garnet, pearls & serpentine. 22K vermeil accents. Extendable clasp with pearl dangle.

day dreams

$ 149.00


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