necklace of copper pearls, tiny citrine spacers and 3mm oxidized silver spacers with an fossilized shell pendant

Copper Collection: Ancient Seas

Ammonites are reminiscent of a time when marine reptiles, weird arthropods, and ancient whales ruled the seas. Perhaps the most widely known fossil, they are known for the typically ribbed spiral-form as pictured here. Living in the seas between 240 - 65 million years ago, they became extinct along with the dinosaurs.

A bezel-set fossilized ammonite shell pendant, with a copper stick pearl and copper pearl dangle. On warm copper-brown pearls & bright sunny bits of faceted citrine. Bezel-set copper pearl clasp. Pendant drop 3 1/2". Limited edition. See complementary earrings, Copper Collection: Triassic (40522B).

day dreams

$ 159.00


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